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MG vs Porsche

Subject: MG vs Porsche
From: (Charles Edwards)
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 20:55:44
I've always had a British car.  In the 60s and 70s I had a TR4 and 
lately I've owned an MG or two.  A friend with whom I used to rally 
had a Porsche 911.

Once upon a time, while laying out a rally with my friend driving 
his 911, a vehicle came up close behind our car and followed there 
for some distance.

My friend, whose name was Bob, said that he had to shake the man 
behind us, whereupon he downshifted into 4th gear.  I felt the 911 
surge ahead and saw the needle on the tachometer begin climbing, 
albeit rather slowly.

A mile or two further on Bob said, "He's still there!"  I noticed 
that sweat was appearing on Bob's forehead and he downshifted into 
4th gear again.  This time the tachometer rose in a swift arc to 
6,000 rpm or so.

We blasted along for about half a mile and he shifted up into 5th 
and relaxed the frenzied pace at which we had begun to move.  Bob 
had given up.

A blue blur began to pass us on the left and I expected to see a 
Ferrari or maybe an XKE V-12. Whatever it was was surely the 
fastest car in the world.

What shot by was a pickup truck with West Virginia license plates.

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