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Re: MGC air cleaner colors

To: Jack Emery <>
Subject: Re: MGC air cleaner colors
From: Bill Schooler <>
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 1996 17:52:29 -0800
Jack Emery wrote:
> We are seeking info on the correct color to paint the air breather on a
> couple of C's that we are doing total restos on.  One roadster and one GT,
> both 69's.  At the conclusion we will have a ton of leftover stuff to move
> on to new homes.  The pile includes a couple of rear ends with 3.7 gears,
> engines, trannys, etc.  Also a complete GT or two.  Oh BTW we are in Me.
> Any resto info on C's is appreciated and we have learned a few tricks along
> the way ourselves.  We have purchased the tooling to do C kingpins so we can
> offer advice in this area.  Also am redoing two C motors right now and
> really need a cam source, either new or reground.  The guys down at the
> machine shop cannot believe how overbuilt the engines are for 180 cubic
> inches.  The rods must weigh a couple of pounds each.  We have a copy of
> "The Best of C Notes" and it is a real help.
> I have a B V-8 that I am finishing this winter also, but that's another story.
> Thanks

Looks black to me, in all the pictures I have.  I assume you're talking 
about the air filter box, right?


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