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I'm Back!

Subject: I'm Back!
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 09:40:05 -0500
Hello gang,

Well there are those who will panic just seeing my name.  There are those who
will say I have a lot of casabas just posting (I know who they are!).  I'm
not one to hide from my mistakes; but, it was embarrasing as hell,
considering I've over 11 years in the Information Systems field.  Not to
mention my sorrow for phucking up so many people.  Oh well, thanks to those
who have written me in support (especially David), and who could find the
humor in what, I'm sure, will be remembered as the "Dan Hughes incident". 

I believe all this is part of a curse, due to the fact that I put my B in
winter storage. What was I thinking...?!?!  I'm suffering withdrawal!  Do not
fix your up so nice that you store it for winter (please Californians, spare
us)!  Anyway, to ease my pain I'm still looking for a daily driver. I can't
spend much (around $1500 - $2000) due too my wife's fears of economic doom.
 I've looked at some MGB-GTs, (which is what I'd prefer) but at this point
I'd settle for anthing that can be driven daily and gradually restored.  I'm
in Maryland, so if you know of anything, let me know.

I seem to be religated to the digest group (punishment?) for now, so email me

Safety Fast!

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