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Re: I'm Back!

Subject: Re: I'm Back!
From: ckr <>
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 13:08:12 -0500 wrote:
> Hello gang,
> Well there are those who will panic just seeing my name.  There are those who
> will say I have a lot of casabas just posting (I know who they are!).  I'm
> not one to hide from my mistakes; but, it was embarrasing as hell,
> considering I've over 11 years in the Information Systems field.  Not to
> mention my sorrow for phucking up so many people.  Oh well, thanks to those
> who have written me in support (especially David), and who could find the
> humor in what, I'm sure, will be remembered as the "Dan Hughes incident".
> I believe all this is part of a curse, due to the fact that I put my B in
> winter storage. What was I thinking...?!?!  I'm suffering withdrawal!  Do not
> fix your up so nice that you store it for winter (please Californians, spare
> us)!  Anyway, to ease my pain I'm still looking for a daily driver. I can't
> spend much (around $1500 - $2000) due too my wife's fears of economic doom.
>  I've looked at some MGB-GTs, (which is what I'd prefer) but at this point
> I'd settle for anthing that can be driven daily and gradually restored.  I'm
> in Maryland, so if you know of anything, let me know.
> I seem to be religated to the digest group (punishment?) for now, so email me
> directly!
> Safety Fast!
> Dan

Glad to see you're back.
Glad to see you're back.
Glad to see you're back.

I think most of the replies to the 'Dan Hughes Incident' were in fun; I 
know mine was.  Everyone makes mistakes ... I made one a couple of weeks 
ago I think I'm still paying for (forgot to take the auto CC for off a reply in which I used the dreaded F-word, and 
managed to enrage a few people before I got my flame-retardant nether 
gear on) so don't worry too much. You're a legend now. :) Take care & 
hope to hear from you again soon.


75 MGB 'Rags'

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