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Abarth exhaust systems

Subject: Abarth exhaust systems
From: (Bert Palte)
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 96 21:34:35 +0100
Hi fellow MG Owners,

In 'The Original MGB' the author, Anders Detlev Clausager states that all
(i.e. 56) Coune Berlinettes were fitted with a dual Abarth exhaust system.

Now I remember Abarth from the 60s/70s. An Italian company, they made 
high-performance aftermarket exhaust systems that were, at least here in
Holland, primarily fitted to second-hand Fiat cars.

(Boy, how I HATED Fiats in the sixties! Not only were ALL of them rust
buckets, but they literally interfered severely with one of my other
hobbies: I'm also a ham radio operator [callsign PA0LPS]. 
If you heard a LOT of static on your radio, you could be pretty sure
that a Fiat was passing by....   
Having said that, I must admit that their latest models, especially the
Coupe and the Barchetta, _do_ appeal to me. The latter one does have more
than just a coincidal resemblance to an MGB...).   

>From ADC's comment, I understand that a H.P. exhaust has been developed 
by Abarth for the MGB. 
Anyone know whether these are still available, in Italy or elsewhere?
I'm not after the High Performance, rather after a better sound....
The Walker-made exhaust system that is currently under my B is 
DEFINITELY too silent...

Bert in Holland, Europe (as opposed to Holland, Michigan) 

1970 B, 'you only hear the tappet noise'...

Bert Palte                                       "Elysium" Alumnivereniging
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tel.  035 602 3949 (thuis)             EL/TN 8238
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                                                        7500 AE Enschede   

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