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Re: Abarth exhaust systems

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Subject: Re: Abarth exhaust systems
From: Alberto Manganini <>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 96 21:27:11 -0500
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> (Boy, how I HATED Fiats in the sixties! Not only were ALL of them rust
> buckets, but they literally interfered severely with one of my other

If you hated Fiats in the sixties, who knows how much you had been detesting
them in the seventies, when worldwide automobile industries gave the worst
of them! In the sixties Fiat made the 124 Sport Spider that, even if not as
cool as our mgbs, I do consider a pretty car, still with a nice body after
30 years.
Unfortunately short after this happy birth the conflicts between the company
and the workers became harder and harder, and that brought to the "Tony who
forgets rags in the sump and bolts under the carpeting" style of production.
This made many italians (me among them) to buy their cars elsewhere. Now I'm
told that they seem to build their cars properly, but who cares, I've got my
> Having said that, I must admit that their latest models, especially the
> and the Barchetta, _do_ appeal to me. The latter one does have more than
> coincidal resemblance to an MGB...).   
I disagree. While Barchetta (perhaps for this familiar look...) *could* be a
nice car, *but* is front wheel drive, the Coupe is really an ugly and rough
piece of tin, apart its turbocharged engine and the fuel cap.

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