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Front Wheel bearing saga

Subject: Front Wheel bearing saga
From: Robert Zirpolo <>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 20:59:22 -0500
First, to all of you who gave me insight into the finishing of this project
a big THANK YOU!!!

The results:  The final assembly of the new wire wheel hubs,brake
rotors,calipers,and wheel  bearings on my 72B was completed after  I read
all the postings to me which had lots of great and some different ideas on
the methods.  A friend who worked for Pratt & Whitney aircraft  had a very
sensitive dial gauge and I even gave that method a whirl.  After shimming,
fitting,greasing and torquing the bearings, installing brake pads and
bleeding the system I do notice a slight rubbing of the new pads on the
brake rotors in a certain spot during a full revolution but I'm hoping that
once everything settles in during driving that it will disappear (am I being
too posetive?).  After I mounted the new Dayton Wires on the car I have to
admit it looked SOOOOOOO much better than those old pieces of junk that they
replaced.  Now I just have to wait for Spring when it comes out of the
garage to see if I really  knew what  I was doing!

Again many thanks,

Robert  Zirpolo

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