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Re: MGB Engine conversion

Subject: Re: MGB Engine conversion
From: "Jeff and Stash Blackwood" <>
Date: 9 Dec 1996 02:53:32 -0000
>To those with more liberal minds, a good friend with a 1978 MGB called me last

>night. He wants to put a 
>modern V-6 in his MGB and use that as his driver.  I talked him out of it
based on 
>the increase in weight decreasing handling.
You might tell him about the 212 c.i. Buick/3.9 Liter Rover? conversion that is
really one of the most popular conversions I know of. Small v8 puts a lot of
power in a B. Also, I've seen books specific to the conversion, so there is
some good info out there.

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