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RE: courtesy light in '73 MGB?

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Subject: RE: courtesy light in '73 MGB?
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 16:29:02 -0500
        Hhhmmm...  I lost track of this thread a while ago, but I need to =
interject here.  On my 72, there are 3 wires that go to the map/courtesy =
light.  One purple, one purple with white stripe, and one black.  There =
is a dedicated wire for the purple & white wire (this one is for the =
door switches), but the other two plug in to a couple of those black =
"boxes". into which 4 wires can be plugged.  All of the wires in each of =
these are either purple or black, and you should plug the map light into =
the empty socket with the corresponding colors. =20
        I just read back through this, and it is a bit confusing :).  If you =
need help, feel free to e-mail me directly.



Sent:   Sunday, December 08, 1996 1:58 AM
Subject:        Re: courtesy light in '73 MGB?

Im probably 2 days late replying to this but.....

on the 73 the light is mounted over the radio area in the front part of =
the wiring on my 73 is black, and on my 72 its green. cant imagine where
yours has gone?

mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster
73 BGT

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