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Re: courtesy light in '73 MGB? -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply

To: Dan Hughes <>
Subject: Re: courtesy light in '73 MGB? -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 22:47:30 -0600
Dan Hughes wrote:
>                                   -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply -Reply
> I will be out of the office until December 11.

Step 1 - Sort e-mail by sender.

Step 2 - Mark all e-mail from Dan Hughes

Step 3 - Press "Delete" key

Step 4 - Wonder if there is any way majordomo can eliminate all messages
from Dan Hughes until - let's see, what was that date again? - oh, yeah
- December 11.

Step 5 - Wonder what Dan Hughes will see and/or think of his e-mail
stack when he gets back in the office.

Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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