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Re: Welding Equipment

Subject: Re: Welding Equipment
From: (Eddie Sheffield)
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 16:35:18 -0500,Internet writes:

>In response to Bruce Phillips' question re: the spot welder attachment
>from Eastwood and the mini welder, I would suggest that you put your
>money in a MIG welder instead. I tried that accessory and didn't have
>much luck with it. If any one is interested, I'd sell it to the first
>person with a $20 bill.        

Just wanted to comment. I'm not a welder by any means, but I've had
great success using the Eastwood spotwelder and my father's old arc
welder (I don't remember the brand/amperage, but I think it's fairly
powerful). I always used the highest amperage setting I the attachment
allows. I don't know about using it with the mini welder, though. I
also have the Eastwood stitch welder. Can't use it worth a flip. My
father (not a pro welder either, but very good at it) gets somewhat
better results with the stitch welder than I ever did, but still not as
good as he can get with just the regular rods/holders.

Having said that, however, if I were getting a new setup from scratch
(as it sounds like you are, I missed the original post) I would go the
MIG route as well. The spot welder was a nice addition to dad's big
welder, but I wouldn't by a separate welder just for it. And as
mentioned you can do spot welds with just a little extra work, plus you
can do continuous beads that you can't do with the spot welder.

So my opinion (worth what you paid for it!):

Already have an arc welder - try the spot welder if that's what you
need to do.

No welder yet - get the MIG.


67 Midget (in many pieces 350 miles away)

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