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Re: Welding Equipment

Subject: Re: Welding Equipment
From: (James F. Porco)
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 08:58:14 -0400
I too am in this same situation.  

I opted for a wire feed unit from Cambell Hauser(sp?).  It cost me $200 from 
The Andersons.  Low end MIG welders go for $299 from Lincoln Electric.  I
really didn't see much difference between the MIG and wire feed units
(except the ability to weld other metals and add a gas system).  Since most
of my work is and will be on sheet metal (floor, sills, panels) I would
rather spend the extra $100 on B parts.  

What ever system you buy my suggestion is to be patient and buy lots of
scrap metal.  I have been using the unit for a few weekends (mostly
Saturdays) and only now am I begining to feel comfortable with the way it

I do have a question for the experts out there, has any one used/rented a
spot welder as a first step to replacing the sills and floor?  I'm thinking
that a two step process (first spot weld then flux core weld) may prove to
be more sound for a novice.  Any thoughts?


Jim Porco
1971 B-GT

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