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Re: Our first annual Dan Hughes day

Subject: Re: Our first annual Dan Hughes day
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:06:06 GMT
>>>From: "BILL SCHOOLER" <>

>>>Come on, you Brits out there - give us some suggestions on how to
>>>properly commemorate this first observation of what will certainly
>>>become a tradition in the MG fraternity.  Have a happy Dan Hughes day
>>>day day day day day...

How's about getting the list admin. to set up majordomo to reply to all 
on Dan Hughes day, saying "Majordomo is out of the office today - Dan Hughes 
and will be back tomorrow.  Get majordomo to mail this to itself as well, then 
get thousands of mails all saying the same thing until crashes :-)

Only a joke of course, don't try this at home children. (just in case any 
lawyers out
there think this is incitement to hassle or anyone else for that 
matter, it's 
not, it's a JOKE).  OK will I not get sued now ?


PS - I'll be out of the office tomorrow, but I have a cunning plan to make sure 
you all don't forget the fact.......

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