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Re: Our first annual Dan Hughes day

Subject: Re: Our first annual Dan Hughes day
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 18:52:41 GMT
>Just of of idle curiosity was wondering what sort of celebratory
>events were being planned for Dan Hughes day tomorrow?  Something on
>the order of a Guy Fawkes Day ritual, perhaps?  Just think, scores 
>of little Dan Hughes effigys, connected by a fuse so that as the 
>first one goes up in flames, the fire is spread to the next and so
>on....(perhaps someone had better explain how the English celebrate
>Guy Fawkes Day so Dan won't think I'm being hostile with this
>reference to burning effigys.  All I remember is doing what my
>English neighbors told me to do!)

>Come on, you Brits out there - give us some suggestions on how to
>properly commemorate this first observation of what will certainly
>become a tradition in the MG fraternity.  Have a happy Dan Hughes 
>day day day day day day...

>Sent in hopes of finding folks still with a sense of humor intact,

Er ... I seem to remember the original Guy was tortured till he 
confessed then was burnt alive at the stake.  There is even a 
suggestion that he didn't do it anyway, it was political manouvering. 
 Can't quite see how it would qualify for "sense of humour", at least 
from Dan's point of view.  But them I'm just an old softie.

73 Roadster (HD&H)
75 V8 (DD)

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