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Re: digest #480 Tue Dec 10 02:05:01 MST

Subject: Re: digest #480 Tue Dec 10 02:05:01 MST
From: Lane Rollins <>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 11:20:09 -0800 wrote

>I am highly offended by the decision to limit me, as an AOL user, to digest
>versions of this mailing list.

To me it sounded like the problem lies with AOL not necessarily it's members.

The biggest problem is the ammount of work that it causes MJB. Since this
is totally a volunteer outfit, I feel that he has the right to impose this
limit. If you want the interactive version find a local ISP, it may very
well be cheaper than AOL. You also have a better selection of tools that
you can use.


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