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Re: digest #480 Tue Dec 10 02:05:01 MST

Subject: Re: digest #480 Tue Dec 10 02:05:01 MST
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 09:47:43 -0500
I am highly offended by the decision to limit me, as an AOL user, to digest
versions of this mailing list.

It was not an AOL subscriber who caused the problem last week, nor did any
AOL subscriber scream and holler about it. In fact, when I realized the
problem, I tried to FIX it by attempting to unsubscribe Dan. No good deed
goes unpunished, obviously. I think it's appropriate to drop those who cause
numerous problems, but this "fix" is inappropriate and unfair. 

I've made a number of requests to this list but I've contributed as well. I
am a responsible person. If I have caused "errors" on this mailing list (and
I'm not aware of any), I would like to be told about it so they can be
resolved, instead of being kicked out like a bum. Ie, deal with the people
who are causing the errors, and leave the rest of us alone. When I went away
over Thanksgiving I unsubscribed from the list, in fact, to bar any possible
problems during my absence.

Yes, I'm mad as hell. If anyone wishes to discuss this personally, I
encourage you to call me during the day, Eastern time, at 800-288-8364 ext


Jim Kearman
73 B (I had it running before I knew this list existed)

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