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MG list/AOL subscribers

Subject: MG list/AOL subscribers
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 19:30:17 -0500
Mr Bradakis,

I am sorry that you have encountered problems with the submissions to the
list of late  and I can understand the frustration this must create however I
must take issue with your decision to ostracise AOL subscribers as a result.
Naturally if your experience with AOL is such that you feel it necessary to
monitor performance then that makes good sense but as far as i am aware the
only subscriber problem of recent times was the Dan Hughes incident and Dan
is not an AOL subscriber!

I enjoy reading the list daily, I read all the submissions, contribute when i
can and am careful to ensure that i do not overload my mailbox or anyone
elses - for example, and since i truly do enjoy this!, on a recent trip to
England, I read the list from a laptop in my hotel rather than unsubscribe. I
feel your action is highly precipitous and ask that you reconsider since i do
not particularly want to install another email carrier so i can receive the
whole list! - I will still be me, still be fallible (though i hope not in
this area) and still be no more of a "threat" than Dan Hughes or any other

The MG list is a wonderful diversion to we of "the persuasion"  Tell me how
we may ensure your comfort with our inclusion in the full list and it will be
done! -I trust you will favour me with your consideration and a response

yours faithfully

mike robson

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