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Re: MG list/AOL subscribers

Subject: Re: MG list/AOL subscribers
From: ckr <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 00:58:04 -0500
Mike, Jim, and all the other AOL friends we have out there:

I'm certain Mark's decision had nothing to do with you personally, nor any 
'mistake' you may have 
made in submitting any post.  The problem, as has been pointed out, is AOL's 
... the way they handle 
their routing and internet connexions is stone-age, to be gracious. AOL's Web 
browser is just about 
as cheesy as they come; I know, I've used it. It's like driving a golf cart on 
an interstate.

I dumped AOL myself about six months ago for a couple of very good reasons ... 
they loaded up my 
hard drive with obnoxious art downloads constantly, I couldn't address half the 
pages on the Web, 
and their software caused system problems with my Mac. I spoke to an AOL techie 
after a REALLY long 
wait on hold, and finally worked out what the problem was (and I provided most 
of the solution, I 
might add): their software wasn't 32-bit clean ... they were running 24-bit 
software which crashed 
my 32-bit PowerMac just about every time I launched it. Even the chintzy little 
text-only programme 
Apple provides for readme docs is 32-bit clean these days.

After all the other nonsense I'd been through with those clowns, that was the 
proverbial wheat stalk 
which dislocated the dromedary's spine. I gave up and got a real internet 
provider, and I'm happier 
for it. Sure, AOL's got some nice features on its own, but then again, so does 
my toaster. I'm not 
about to use it to dry my socks, however.

Please don't take it personally friends; it's not your fault. Complain to AOL 
about it -- they're 
the ones that get your cheque or whatever every month. And they're the ones 
with the problem. Some 
other time, when I've nothing else to do, I'll explain their bizarre server 
array and how THAT 
affects how they interface with the 'net. Ask them about it, if you're really 
curious. The answer 
will astound you.

I hope to continue to see all of you still on the list, maybe with new 
addresses, in the future. 
Cheers, mates.

75 MGB 'Rags'

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