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RE: Air Compressors and Lurking!

Subject: RE: Air Compressors and Lurking!
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 07:27:35 -0500
>I have a 4HP sears compressor that if I add an extension cord of less
?than 12Ga. it sputters once and shuts off. So I assume that you are
>right about the 15-20 amps. But how is it then that they can sell a 6hp
>110V compressor?. You've got me thinking, my compressor can be
>to 220V, so will that help my CFM output any? i.e. a compressor that is
>running closer to its rated HP.

When you convert the same motor from 110 volts to 220 volts you halve
the current it draws.  This usually means a tad more efficeincy, easier
starting, and you can use that lighter extension maybe.  You will nit
get more CFMs


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