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Dan Hughes Day

Subject: Dan Hughes Day
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:09:20 -0500
Happy Dan Hughes Day.

My story of embarassment is as follows: I purchased a 72 MGB rdstr in 
Newport RI. It was in boxes and didn''t run, but I got a good deal and 
decided to restore it. One project was to rebuild the rear brakes. I had a 
hard time getting the lug nuts off so I made sure the threads were well 
oiled when I put the wheels back on because I knew they'd have to come off 
again prior to painting and putting on the road. I then moved to Maine and 
trailered the MG up behind my truck. Over the course of a few months I got 
the car ready for painting and decided to deliver it to the body shop on a 
tow dolly since it was only three miles away down a back country road. 

I went about two miles and a heard a loud bang. Looking in my mirror I 
could see the left rear wheel as it bounced off the road and went up about 
50 feet in the air. I looked up and saw an 88 Dodge Spirit coming at me and 
I thought to myself, "Boy, I hope that wheel doesn't go through his 
windshield." It didn't, but it came down on his grill/bumber/hood and went 
flying off into the woods. The MG landed on the drum/backing plate and 
skidded but caused no damage. I was pretty embarrassed as two kids came out 
of the woods with my wheel and asked "Do you want this?" I traded insurance 
info with the guy, figured we didn't need to call the cops, jacked up the 
car, put on some lug nuts from the front wheels, and continued to the body 
shop. Two months later I got a police report in the mail to fill out and 
return but that was the end of it. 2 out of the 3 vehicles involved had no 
damage, and one vehicle had no driver. It's pretty funny now that I think 
about it.

58 MGA 

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