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Re: stupid/humiliating thing I did

Subject: Re: stupid/humiliating thing I did
From: (Paul D Kile)
Date: 11 Dec 96 07:32:14 PST
Since I have owned LBCs for over 20 years, I would have a hard time 
remembering all my stupid mistakes during that time.  One, though, 
stands out in my mind.

Before I sold my soul for my factory GT V-8, I put most of my 
energies into a 1962 MGA 1600 MkII roadster.  When it came time for 
the engine and tranny rebuild, I spent over 6 months collecting parts 
for the project. I probably spent at least a week cleaning and 
preparing the block for the new parts, chamfering rough edges, new 
brass plugs, etc.  All this after the usual machine shop hot tank, 
line bore, and honing.

When it came time for the reassembly, I turned on the classical music 
station and centered myself prior to picking up the first parts, the 
main bearing cap studs.  I carefully double nutted these studs and 
torqued them into the block.  Finally, I got to the main bearing and 
crankshaft installation stage.  I plastigaged each bearing, so far so 
good.  But then I noticed how stiff the crank was to turn after all 
the bearings were torqued.  After several iterations of loosen the 
bearing caps, spin the crank, tighten the caps, feel it bind, grumble 
and swear, etc., I finally pulled the crank and bearing shells out.  
It was then that I noticed the hairline cracks extending from the 
base of the cap studs out to the bearing saddle.

A small voice echoed in my cranium..."you screwed up, didn't you"??  
Memories of old auto mechanics texts flashed through my muddled 
brain, NEVER torque studs into a casting!!! Install only finger tight 
or snug!!!

Well, after offering up my carefully prepared block as a sacrifice to 
MOWOG and the Sacramento County Landfill, and waiting another 6 
months to find and prepare another block (1622 blocks are not exactly 
available down at the local Pep Boys), I learned my lesson.  Never 
again will I torque a stud into a casting.

Paul (occasional lapses) Kile  

Paul D. Kile

(916) 355-5162
GenCorp Aerojet
POB 13222
Dept 5784 Building 20019
Sacramento, California 95813-6000

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