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Cheers and Farewell

Subject: Cheers and Farewell
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:24:08 -0500
Well, friends, I could go get another email service and regain my full
citizenship status on this mailing list. Iím not going to, though.

I use AOL at work for business reasons, via our LAN. I canít justify running
anyone elseís software, and MIS will know if I doóand itís against company
policy. It makes no sense to run Juno at home when Iím at work. I want the
continual access to the mail during the day. I challenge Mark to tell me if
MY AOL account has ever caused an error? Heís never mentioned it if it did.
AOL users are growing in number, just like non-sports-car drivers. Somehow we
have to accommodate SUVs, pickups and Buicks. The net world is going to have
to learn to accommodate AOL!

I bought my MGB in September, on a whim. I had hundreds of miles on it (and a
few hundred bucks in it!) before someone told me about this mailing list.
Iíve put on a lot of miles (>4k) and put in a lot of work since then. I
wouldnít characterize myself as a British car freak, but I enjoy driving the
B, and I can work on it when required, though Iíd rather be driving than
turning a wrench. In fact, I drove it today. Iíve used the MG mailing list to
get answers to questions and locate parts, and Iíve also posted information
and responded directly to othersí posts.

Now Iím informed that, because my internet address ends in, I am not
welcome to receive this mailing list except in digest format. You couldnít
have hurt me any more if you said I was unwelcome because of my skin color or
national origin, or because my MG was a non-driveable car. Furthermore, THE

Mailing lists are run by individuals, and how theyíre run is their privilege.
Iím not going to go out without a squawk, though; no one who knows me would
expect me to! Too bad other corrective measures couldnít have been tried,
before we AOL users were given the swift kick. Other than the fellowship,
however, which I will miss, Iím not losing much. Iíve gotten all the material
benefit I can from this list. Iíve made good friends, located the parts I
needed to make my good car even better, and developed a network of sources
for MG parts and excellent pastries. My car looks pretty good and runs great,
and Iím confident that, with the help of my friends (and Jís tea and
brownies), I can keep it that way. Not least of all, through this list I
helped a friend locate a really nice MGB of his own. Iíd like to continue to
participate, but the digest format does not lend itself to such
participation. I never was too good at lurking.

So thanks for the fun couple of months. Look for me at Westminster, Vermont
next fall, weather permitting. My 73B is dark blue-green in color (DPOís
choice) and I probably wonít have repainted it (to BRG) by then. Iím not much
on car shows, but that one is accessible without an overnight stay and Iíll
probably go if the weather is good. If youíre not afraid to sully your inbox
with AOL mail, Iíd be glad to keep in touch with other B owners, especially
in New England/the Northeast (even Dave Deutsch). In fact, some of us
low-rent AOL ninnies are starting our own MG mailing listóAOL only, of
course. Email me for details. But after I confirm this has been posted, I
will no longer be subscribed to this MG mailing list.

Happy Holidays!


Jim Kearman

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