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Re: Anti-AOL List Manager

Subject: Re: Anti-AOL List Manager
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:23:51 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-10 21:24:37 EST, BDurgin1 writes:

> Subj: Re: Anti-AOL List Manager
>  Date:        96-12-10 21:24:37 EST
>  From:        BDurgin1
>  To:  Larryhoy, JKearman, SPB3430, HLUB34A, Elfgov2
>  To:  ROBMGV8, Jtshook, GFoster7K, JohnInNH18
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>  In a message dated 96-12-10 19:00:31 EST, Larryhoy writes:
>  <<  don't think an AOL list is the solution.  It would not have as broad a

> base as an internet list.
>   Regards,
>   Larry
>   PS I just switched to AOL!     >>
>  Hey!
>  I'm not sure what the trouble is, but I really don't think that AOL is to 
> blame.  I mean, what exactly was the problem and how can we get it
> It's a shame to only give us the digest version...and I agree that a
> AOL  BB would be lame. Can't we all just get along?????
>  Bruce Durgin
>  64 B

It sounds like some people who try AOL sign on to the lists (and his numbers
refer to all the lists, not just MGs), then just go away at the end of their
free AOL time, without unsubscribing. Mail to them bounces. With the volume
of mail on the list, this could be a problem.

Perhaps a more humane solution would be to warn new subscribers. Maybe it
would cut down on the problem. 

One thing I know: AOL is growing faster than Microsoft. AOL users will
outnumber all other internet users before long, if we don't already. The net
world is going to have to deal with AOL users, even those who aren't perfect,
like anyone whose internet address doesn't end in Sort of the
situation I encounter on my drive to work: the road is littered with SUVs,
pickups and Buicks. Yeah, I'd like to put them on other roads so they don't
interfere with my serenity, but educating them would be a better choice.


Jim Kearman

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