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Stupid LBC tricks, oil octane

Subject: Stupid LBC tricks, oil octane
From: William Eastman <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:28:26 -0600
First to Geoff:

You say that your supercharger feeds oil into the intake?  Oil has a very
low octane rating.  The more you burn, the more the propensity to detonate.

The two most stupid things I've done to small interesting cars that come to
mind are as follows:

1)  When I was 16, I was conserned that my MGB wasn't draining all of the
oil at each oil change so I started is with the drain plug out for a few
minutes in order to purge the oil cooler.  The oil pressure was never the

2)  One of my first non-family paying jobs was to but a new oil pump in our
high school principal's F**t 124 wagon.  Towards the end of this procedure,
I had to put the oil pan back on.  I spent a good half hour trying to get
the first bolt started and was getting fairly frustrated.  John noticed
(heard) my pain and came out to offer help.  He held the pan while I tried
again to get a bolt started.  A few seconds later, John was able to
identify the root cause of the problem.  "You are turning that bolt the
wrong way."   Its hard to make a teenager humble but that worked pretty
well.  Needless to say, If the bolt doesn't start right away nowadays, I
always give it a couple spins the other way to guard against stupidity.

As a friend of mine who in the navy alway said- "Lefty loosey righty

Bill Eastman
61 MGA with all the bolts tightened the right way (I think).

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