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Re: Anti-AOL List Manager

Subject: Re: Anti-AOL List Manager
From: (Eddie Sheffield)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 11:44:46 -0500

>I think you hit the nail on the head.  After the free intro period if
>subscriber just goes away and Marks mail bounces.  I wonder if new AOL
>could have a probation period,  two months on the digest then move to
>regular list?


Actually, while this is one problem, it sounds like the MAJOR problems
are the way the AOL servers pass the e-mail and the 100 message limit
they impose on their users. The only thing an AOL user can do is check
in a couple of times a day and clean out their mailbox. AOL has caused
other problems too. Where I work we had a problem with mail with
attachments from AOL that couldn't pass through our mail server. We had
to _downgrade_ our server to make it work. You really should be
hammering on AOL to come up to standard on their mail handling, not the
maillist managers (I'm sure other high volume maillists probably have
similar problems).

Incidentally, one little-promoted aspect of AOL's new pricing plan is
what they call Bring-Your-Own Access. If you already have internet
access via some other provider, AOL is unlimited for only 9.95 rather
than the 19.95 for dialing in through them. So for maybe 10.00 more
total than you may be paying now you can have the best of both worlds -
direct internet (about 20.00 most locations, which is THE way to go)
and AOL (byoa 9.95, which I'm considering adding myself for some of
their financial forums).

The real problem is AOL, not the AOL users. You're paying for the
service. Demand better.

Good Luck,

Eddie Sheffield

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