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Re: Cheers and Goodby

Subject: Re: Cheers and Goodby
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 14:02:29 -0500
I recently bought a '66 MGB (red, wire wheels, overdrive) and found the mgs
site which I enjoyed and used almost on a daily basis.  I was able to gain
some insights into some problems (overheating) and I think I was able to help
some others with some problems that I had solved in the past with an MGA.
 But I am not a fanatic about MG's and just enjoy driving and tinkering a
little.  I often tow mine behind a motorhome to have with us in the mountains
or along the California coast when we camp.

However, I am an AOL subscriber, don't plan to change in the near future and
I think I have gotton all that I needed from the mgs experience.  With the
dwindling supply of cars like the MG and the mounting pressures to get them
off the road as polluters and unsafe machines, I think ANYTHING that is
detrimental to promoting the salvage, restoration, maintenance and enjoyment
of these cars is counterproductive.  I think that the recent reduction in
service to the AOL members is just one more nail in the coffin because of the
negative reaction that results.  The Hughes thing was unfortunate and
inconvenient but the planet did not come to a halt on it's axis.  Finally,
the format of the mgs mail site is no longer worth the added inconvenience to
me so I wish you the best of luck.  unsubscribe.

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