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Re: Re[4]: MGB Heater Removal

Subject: Re: Re[4]: MGB Heater Removal
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 14:01:24 -0500
I didn't find it necessary to disconnect the hoses from 
underneath the dash to remove the heater box.  They aren't hooked on 
with any sort of clasp, so they just "come off" when you pull the box 
out.  How I'm going to get mine back in once I'm done, I have no idea.  
If I get mine in before you, I'll let you know what I had to do.  
Otherwise, let me know...


J wrote:
>      Well, I thought I had to dive under the dash to disconnect the hoses
>      and such before I remove the heater box from the engine bay.  Don't I
>      have to remove the heater box to remove and service the core?
>      However, I think I might try your suggestion and flush/backflush the
>      core while it's still in the heater box.  It just makes more sense;
>      that way, I can hopefully get an idea of whether or not the core has a
>      problem before contorting myself or investing unnecessary time.  I
>      sometimes have an unexplainable tendency to want to tear things down
>      all the way, even if it's not entirely needed!
>      The water valve is OK, I just removed and checked that.  After reading
>      your message below, though, I suspect that the cable may not have been
>      adjusted correctly.
>      Thanks much for your help!
>      Michael Lytton
>      1970 MGB

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