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RE: Side-view mirrors are annoying!

To: "'Carol'" <>
Subject: RE: Side-view mirrors are annoying!
From: "Jason F. Dutt" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 00:49:41 -0500
Rest assured, they're on the proper sides.  :-)



From:   Carol[]
Sent:   Tuesday, December 10, 1996 12:11 PM
To:     Jason F. Dutt; 'The MG List'
Subject:        Re: Side-view mirrors are annoying!


I don't know if I'm even close to "left field" here, but are you sure that
each mirror is on the 
correct side of the car?? Ie., the left mirror on the left side, and the
right mirror on the right side?

Hey, it's a thought!!

OTOH, if you drive fast enough, you don't need mirrors anyway, right?!  ;-)


"As you approach life's curves, never brake and always leave skid marks!"

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