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Re: break lights on a 65 MGB

Subject: Re: break lights on a 65 MGB
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 00:08:57 -0500
Does this make my B even more of an 
>Anglo-American-German-Swedish-Japanese bastard (along with my Porsche 
>seats, GM HEI distributor, NGK sparkplugs,  SAAB "mushroom" PCV valve, 
>and Volvo SUs)?
>Jerry Causey

I tell ya you got one hell of an f'n cool car...I mean diversity is the
spice of life.....well ain't it.  I mean it ain't like those of us who
appreciate the wonderfully titilating quirkiness of our
convaninces(sp)..(read/mechanical friends)...are exactly every day well are

I don' know just a finals thought...any other students/Mg'rs heading into
finals week feel free to drop me a line privatly (I can't spell) so as to
frighten those members on the list by reminding them of days happily gone

Al Hansen

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