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MGB Battery

Subject: MGB Battery
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 96 13:21:56 PST
     Hello again;
     I have a group 26 12v battery in my 1970 MGB that my DPO put into the 
     car.  Unfortunately, she had somebody hacksaw the edge of one of the 
     battery bins and bend the flap up in order to fit the battery in.
     Obviously, it would be nice to fix this heinous hack.  Here's where my 
     question comes in:  I've heard that a group 26 battery is supposed to 
     fit in the stock bin without modification.  Do the group 26's really 
     fit the early style of MGB battery bins?  Is there an even smaller 
     battery that would fit?
     Also, anyone have ideas on how I should repair the hacksawed flap of 
     metal?  I could just beat it back down with a hammer, but I may just 
     be adding one hack to another...
     Michael Lytton
     *AOL responses welcome*

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