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I thought they'd NEVER leave! ;-)

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Subject: I thought they'd NEVER leave! ;-)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 13:27:05 -0800 (PST) (21:27 UT)
  They'll be back.  First time they need to find out how to get the
pinion out of the ring gear,  or which way the distributer turns, or
what weight oil to put into the transmission.  On their knees.

  But seriously, I think everyone is stressed out from the holiday
season.  Lay off of Mark.  We have a habit, and he's our Main Man.
AOL won't go away, but it will grow up.  Mark has offered solutions
and work-arounds.  Consider them.  Make your decision, but base it
on reason and the facts.  Don't go away just 'cause you feel
persecuted and ticked off that something is being changed.
Dan's fiasco was just an indicator of how bad it can get, and
how bad it is even when things are normal.
  Now I have to get back to my VB final project.

  Question: "T" owners - I was working on my dad's TC last weekend,
trying to find out why it didn't start.  I was spending my time on the
carburettors and the fuel pump.  It was a REAL PAIN having to open & close
each side of the hood (bonnet) each time I switched sides.  What do you
do to have access to both sides?  Not remove the hood completely!?

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