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Dan Hughes day - Always look under the hood.

To: "'mg'" <>
Subject: Dan Hughes day - Always look under the hood.
From: Randy Rees <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 15:02:36 -0800
OK I'll come clean. I had a 72 Midget while in the Army at Ft Hood, TX.
I was driving to pick up a friend in Dallas (60 mi. north) when the
engine started to backfire and run really sporadic.  I'd had numerous
problems with the SU's (suprise) and assumed they had finally gone. The
engine quit and we coasted to a gas station and asked the man if we
could leave it there till we could tow it home. We walked and hitchhiked
forever (but thats another story in itself). Next day came back to find
car had been vandalized and stereo stolen. Popped hood and found
distributor had came loose and spun around until it had pulled out all
the plug wires. Reset distributor and plugged wires back in and car
drove good as new. 

Moral of the story:  Always look under the hood .

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