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Update on the SPAX shocks I recently installed

Subject: Update on the SPAX shocks I recently installed
From: Michael Hartwig <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 17:41:41 -0600
I thought I'd break the stupid monotony of AOLers bitchin' about Mark's
decision and report on my SPAX rear conversion kit.

Here's the lowdown:
1) Depending on the exhaust on your car now, if you decide to go with a
SPAX conversion kit, your shock may touch your exhaust pipe.  Space is
really limited on the left side of the car, and fitting of a conversion
kit may prove difficult.  Solution for me: purchase a new exhaust and
have it professionally installed.  It's fine now, and I needed the new
exhaust anyway.
2) Performance: I replaced the leaf springs and shocks in one fell
swoop.  The leaf springs are still not smooth as I would like.  I only
have about 1000 km on them and they aren't bedded in yet.  I adjusted my
SPAX to the second click(for those of you who don't know, SPAX have 14
levels of adjustent to alter the damping).  I figure increasing the
damping will help reduce the bounciness(sp??)
3) Satisfaction; Besides the space troubles between the shock and
exhaust I am so far satisfied.  Was there a noticeable improvement? 
Yes, but I need to consider that my right side shock was totally blown
and my leaf springs were totally de-arced.  It used to be really twitchy
in the handling but now that trait is gone(thank goodness).  It seems to
hold the corners better, especially when I hit irregularities in the
road while in the turn.

I paid $230 plus shipping for mine.  I've seen them cheaper at Northwest
Imports, but when I checked they were out of stock(under $200 was their

Do I suggest them to other MGB owners?  Yes.  If you want
adjustability,  and don't mind getting under the car every now and
then(and what MG owner doesn't do this once in a while).  I know that
when I go out on epic weekend journeys and want to push the car hard, I
know my suspension is up to the task.

If you guys want to discuss this further, please feel free to email me. 
I also have a left hand side rear shock that I could part with, if
someone is interested, and the right hand shock could be yours for next
to nothing.  It definately needs rebuilding since it bleeds oil from the
arm bushing profusely.

Later guys and please stop the AOL debate.  I would actually prefer to
be flooded with Dan's autoreply messages instead of hearing AOLers


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