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Re: Bead Blasters

To: Jeff Fayne <>
Subject: Re: Bead Blasters
From: Wayne Kube <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 18:23:52 -0600
At 07:26 AM 12/11/96 -0600, you wrote:

>I recommend using some sort of vacuum system. At first I didn't and was
>getting quite a bit of dust fog internally (using glass bead). My 26 gal
>shop vacis overkill on a cabinet this size, so I ended up using a
>restricter in the vacuum hose to cut down n the volume and that seems to

Jeff -  
        FWIW, my $.02, etc.  Be careful about restricting the air flow too much.
Many shop vacs (but not all) use the air exhausting from the cannister
(after the filter) for motor cooling.  Too much restriction running for too
long of a time can cause motor overheating.  I found that out the hard way
once by trying to dry out a long run of half inch electrical conduit.
Sealed the end of the hose around the conduit with duct tape.  After about
an hour of running, the motor cooked to a crisp!


Wayne Kube
Plano, TX

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