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Re: Bead Blasters

Subject: Re: Bead Blasters
From: Jeff Fayne <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 07:26:59 -0600
John Steunenberg wrote:
>  Dear List:
>   I am considering buying a TIP Bead Blasting Cabinet for the restoration of
> my MGB.  I thought I would check with you fellas to see if anyone has one of
> these units?  And, if so what do you think of it's performance?  Is it a
> good unit or do you regret buying it. They seem to have a pretty good
> reputation for quality tools.
> P.S. I am interested in buying the "950 Bead Deamon".

Can't speak of the 950, but I just purchased the 780 Mini-Cabinet. I'm
very happy with the quality of this unit. I checked all over for
comparable units and found nothing close in price/quality. The unit came
fully assembled (except for legs and funnel, which bolted on in
minutes). All the seaks are seam-sealed and side door is gasketed. No
leakage so far. 

I opted for the light kit which is nothing more than a mini halogen
flood light and holder, you can probably save a few $$$ by buying

I recommend using some sort of vacuum system. At first I didn't and was
getting quite a bit of dust fog internally (using glass bead). My 26 gal
shop vacis overkill on a cabinet this size, so I ended up using a
restricter in the vacuum hose to cut down n the volume and that seems to

Sizewise, I was able to get an MGB radiator surround in the cabinet, but
anything longer has to be done outside.

If the 950 is anything like mine I'm sure you'll be happy.

                                - Jeff

'70 MGB

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