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Subject: A*O*L
From: pbailey <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 18:17:59 -0800
I think Mark has done one HELL of a job!!I feel that you guys on the
list are like club members,I log on twice a day sometimes just to lurk 
or to get or give advice.I had AOL years ago and thought it
stunk(stank?)then BUT if mark said only AOL subscribers could access
this list I would join in a heartbeat!!Thats just how important this
list is to me,obviously this list isn't too important to those that
won't give up AOL for God's sake it IS only a server and there are
hundreds of them out there that are light years ahead of AOL,having to
delete 100s of messages was no fun and if Marks rules keep that from
happenig again and makes his life easier so be it!
Keep up the EXCELLANT work mark...Pat

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