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Re: Maybe I'm warped but..........

To: (David Deutsch),
Subject: Re: Maybe I'm warped but..........
From: (Nina Barton)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 18:25:19 -0800
At  1:28 PM 12/11/96 -0800, David Deutsch wrote:
>I own MGs for alot of reasons but by far the biggest is the Challenge.
>The living on the edge, fixing on the road and hearing the lite weighs
>at events from Maine to Maryland say "you drove all the way from New
>York today and your going back tonight". There's no more new frontiers
>to conquer or discover  unless you own a space ship or bathosphere.
>The spirit of MG ownership is to rise in the face of advercity and over
>come the obstacles put before you. Owning these cars is a sign of
>character and courage.
>I going to miss alot of you aol-ers who are leaving . . .

David - keep up the soapbox preaching!!!  Some of us actually enjoy it.  We
already have enough losses with the AOL community, but hopefully things may
yet work out for all.  I know my MG improves my quality of life, and even
if I'm somewhat of a lightweight as far as traveling long distances (now),
I still find any excuse to use it as much as I can.  Keep your fingernails
greasy and your interest there and you can't possibly go too far wrong.
Road fever is the way to go, as far as I'm concerned.

Nina (only 1 MG right now) Barton

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