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Re: Got a line on a Mini-/need help on price

Subject: Re: Got a line on a Mini-/need help on price
From: (Robert Skillman)
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 21:50:54 -0500
I've looked at probably every mini that I've ever seen for sale!  Minis are
like Land Rovers- cheap in UK and expensive is US.  Many US for sale minis
are from Canada where they were imported longer.  Latest price guides list
an excellent 1275 Cooper S at around 6-7000lbs, depending on whether a MK1
or 2.  This is in UK where they are more plentiful.

The problem I found is that an original mini is a rare beast- most are
mildly to heavily modified.  What this does to the value is any ones guess.
Like David said I would try to estimate what it would cost to duplicate
the car.  Check at a bookstore selling foreign magazines and try to pick up
one of many mini publications available in UK.

If I personally saw a very-very nice Cooper S for $10-12000 I would buy it
in a minute.  Many standard minis are "cooperized" with the extra tank,
wheels, etc.  The Original Mini Cooper book (like Clausagers books) is a
great reference source.

At this price you should "know" if it's a good buy or not.  If you're not
sure I would do more research.  People who really know Ts and As and Bs can
look at one and know immediately what it basically needs and give a close
approximation of what its worth.  We've all paid too much for a car, and
maybe managed to get a real buy once in awhile.  The later is rarer then
the former.  You don't see a lot of minis for sale, but they're out there.
Check Hemmings or the Mini Web pages, some have price guides and
classifieds.  If you want URLs call me.

I would say that if you want it and can afford it- go for it.  If you're
not sure then check it out more.

                Bob Skillman  47 TC, 59 MGA twin cam, 68 MGC (catching up
to David)

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