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Re: Welding Equipment - SPOT WELD

Subject: Re: Welding Equipment - SPOT WELD
From: (James F. Porco)
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 01:41:18 -0400
Many thanks to John, Tom and all those who offered their advice about my
suggestion on first spot welding the floor and sills on my 1971 B-GT before
I MIG weld them.  Another great list of replys that goes into my MGB repair
resource file.  

My $.02 on the AOL thing.  I gave up packaged services like Prodigy and AOL
a few years back for an internet provider ($19 a month, thank you), and I
haven't looked back.  If Juno is available go for it otherwise don't
complain.  Kinda like complaining about the high cost of gas when it just so
happens you are using premium and not regular pump!  

Com'on guys, get with the program, straighten your-self up, look at where
the world is going, not where it's been.  Get a grip.  Once you go pure
internet, you'll never go back.

Jim Porco
1971 B-GT (and David Deutsch trainee).

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