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Re: Simple terms

Subject: Re: Simple terms
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 08:44:50 +0000
Okay, I've had enough.

Sheree, do your homework and then shut up. Mark is doing a hell of a job
keeping this list running and I'm tired of people trying to piss him
off. Here, listen up. I will type this real, real slow:

AOL automatically bounces back unwanted messages if more than 100 email
messages accumulate. That is, on AOL, for each message that arrives to
an AOL account when the unread message count is over 100, an "I'm full"
messages bounces back to the sender. This happens for each message for
each AOL account.

It is real easy to get more than 100 messages a day from this list. The
spurious messages causes Mark, our list manager, undue and unwarranted
effort. There other alternatives to AOL. Free ones even. You don't have
to change religons to be a good MG lister.

The Great Dan Hughes Oops illustrated to Mark what a pain in the butt
supporting the AOL ISP can be. Each and every AOL user account started
bouncing messages back to the list address. This is a bad thing on FREE
LISTS like this one. Mark addressed the problem. He is not banning
anybody. There are alternatives.

> Also, to all of you who feel the need to argue, I AM NOT GOD! This is merely
> my OPINION, and arguing with me will not change it.
> Sheree

I am not arguing. I'm trying to present the facts of the problem as it
applies to Mark and hoping you will rationally consider the problem and
understand the solution. You don't have to change your opinion.

My *opinion*, as long as this is still a free country, is that, if you
like, you can just run off in a snit like you threatened to do

This is getting real boring...

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT, '75TR6
*** Please assume all lines end with smiley face emoticon :-)
*** unless passage contains improbable anatomical action phrases 
*** in which case the raspberry emoticon can be implied ;^P*** wrote:
> Let me put this a way that maybe some of you can understand. I do not use AOL,
> I do not CARE about AOL. The point is that the majority are being punished for
> the mistakes of a few. Suppose that you have been autocrossing(rallying,
> whatever) with a certain club. You show up one weekend, and they say " Sorry,
> we don't allow any MGs to run here anymore. There was a guy here with an MG
> last weekend, and it put down oil all over the course. Took us forever to
> clean up-what a mess. We just don't allow MGs anymore, they're too messy. You
> can work the course for us, though, and help us pick up cones."
>      "But my MG is in perfect running order-it doesn't put down oil. That was
> someone else's car, not mine."
>       "Sorry, this is our club, and that's the way it is."
> Of course you could just find somewhere else to autocross, but the point is
> that you had friends in this group, and it just won't be the same. Does anyone
> understand that the AOL people have every right to be mad, because the
> majorityare being punished for the mistakes of a few.
> Also, to all of you who feel the need to argue, I AM NOT GOD! This is merely
> my OPINION, and arguing with me will not change it.
> Sheree

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