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Leaf Springs

Subject: Leaf Springs
From: (David R Macedonia)
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 12:37:19 EST
To All,

In between the leaves of my 1966 MGB's leafsprings is a thin (about
0.060") plastic-like material which I believe is to stop the springs from
squeaking. I'm trying to find some of this material to replace the worn
strips in mine. Does anybody know what the material is and where I could
get it? I talked to a customer service rep at The Roadster Factory but
they don't carry it and he doesn't know what it is. I've talked to a few
auto supply places in town, but to no avail. I've even contacted a
company that makes polymer sheet goods but they told me that the material
was probably a hard rubber that had become "plastic-like" over time. I
even went to a Wal-Mart last night and found that they sell those roll-up
plastic sleds for kids. They're about the right thickness and consistency
but they're not long enough (besides, they come in purple and red only!)

Thanks in advance,

David Macedonia
1966 MGB (in restoration)

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