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Re: Leaf Springs

To: (David R Macedonia)
Subject: Re: Leaf Springs
From: Rich Mason <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 09:20:32 -0500
At 12:37 PM 12/12/96 EST, you wrote:

>In between the leaves of my 1966 MGB's leafsprings is a thin (about
>0.060") plastic-like material which I believe is to stop the springs from
>squeaking. I'm trying to find some of this material to replace the worn
>strips in mine. Does anybody know what the material is and where I could
>get it? I talked to a customer service rep at The Roadster Factory but
>they don't carry it and he doesn't know what it is. I've talked to a few
>auto supply places in town, but to no avail. I've even contacted a
>company that makes polymer sheet goods but they told me that the material
>was probably a hard rubber that had become "plastic-like" over time. I
>even went to a Wal-Mart last night and found that they sell those roll-up
>plastic sleds for kids. They're about the right thickness and consistency
>but they're not long enough (besides, they come in purple and red only!)


According to my very old (1978), greasy, tattered Haynes manual - it says to
paint each leaf with Shell Ensis 260 - whatever that is.

Maybe someone out there has heard of this stuff?

Sorry I could not be of further help.


Rich Mason
1973 MGB

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