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Re: Simple terms

Subject: Re: Simple terms
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 17:44:35 -0500 (EST)

On Thursday, 12 December, wrote:
>Let me put this a way that maybe some of you can understand. I do not use AOL,
>I do not CARE about AOL. The point is that the majority are being punished for
>the mistakes of a few. Suppose that you have been autocrossing(rallying,
>whatever) with a certain club. You show up one weekend, and they say " Sorry,
>we don't allow any MGs to run here anymore. There was a guy here with an MG
>last weekend, and it put down oil all over the course. Took us forever to
>clean up-what a mess. We just don't allow MGs anymore, they're too messy. You
>can work the course for us, though, and help us pick up cones."
>     "But my MG is in perfect running order-it doesn't put down oil. That was
>someone else's car, not mine."
>      "Sorry, this is our club, and that's the way it is."
>Of course you could just find somewhere else to autocross, but the point is
>that you had friends in this group, and it just won't be the same. Does anyone
>understand that the AOL people have every right to be mad, because the
>majorityare being punished for the mistakes of a few.
>Also, to all of you who feel the need to argue, I AM NOT GOD! This is merely
>my OPINION, and arguing with me will not change it.
>The analogy doesn't work.  A better anology would be, if the subject make of 
vehicle had a built in design problem, ie the oil lines are poorly manufactured 
or faulty design on all such vehicles of that make.  Even though each racer 
that  make car claimed to take extra precaution by inspecting the lines before 
each race, the fact is  that the make is prone to this failure, and a higher 
proportion of this make vehicle fails then the rest of the field. Thus the 
must ban this type of vehicle. The AOL service and limitation on the mail box 
content is the factor that as a whole causes the higher degree of bounced mail. 
The individual subscriber although diligent, suffers from the short commings of 
his provider, not his own failing. Mark is not blamming any individual, but is 
trying to limit this overall mess that occurs in higher proportion on AOL. 

Mike Leckstein

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