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Re: Simple terms/clarification/SU Tech Session

To: Mark J Bradakis <>
Subject: Re: Simple terms/clarification/SU Tech Session
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 03:18:26 -0800
Hello Mark,
I think most thought, as I did, that aol users were all being moved to 
digest formate for receiving list. I think we all understand the reason 
now and most of us feel you should do what ever you need to, to make 
your life easier. I enjoy the analogies, in fact this reminds me of 
when Bert and Ernie were walking down Sesame Street when Oscar the 
Grouch suddenly....... Oh come on, I'm joking. The question I have is 
can the aol people get the list in "real time" form? This is the last 
words anybody will be reading from me on this topic.

Going to Joe "Mr. SU" Curto's tommorrow for a tech session put together 
by the nice people at Eastern New York MGA Club. 10 AM 22-09 126th 
street, College Point (Queens), New York. 

Safety Fast, David Deutsch

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