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Re: Simple terms/clarification/SU Tech Session

To: David Deutsch <>
Subject: Re: Simple terms/clarification/SU Tech Session
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 15:49:24 +0000
So much for Dem Sem!
All set to pick up Frank Graham and motor out to the Curto event when 
I found myself gastrointestinally challenged and had to call Frank and 
cancel around 7:30. Just starting to feel better now, but dammit I 
wanted to go. My advice: Stick with the foods you know and love the 
day before you've got an event planned! Heard fifteen folks showed up 
and had a great time.
Tip o' the hat to David for checking in on my condition earlier. 
No, he wasn't checking with Rita "to see if I didn't survive was my MG 
collection for sale", at least I don't think so.....

Next time,
Dave Houser

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