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Re: Digest for AOL members

Subject: Re: Digest for AOL members
From: Gary Burrell <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 10:09:35 -0500
I'm posting this to the list only so all AOL members can see this.  I
don't use AOL, and wish to get back to the regularly scheduled
programming. wrote:

>         5) You can TELL AOL TO FIX THEIR PROBLEM.  Remember you pay good
>         money to them for their service!!!
> Gary, this sounds like a good idea, but I have no knowledge of AOL"S PROBLEM,
> my mail has always worked just fine. Just what do I tell AOL to fix, and why
> is this the only list that I am on that seems to have trouble with AOL. But
> anyway let me know what I should report is wrong!!
> Bob

It seems the major problem is AOL's limit on 100 messages in your mail
box.  On
this list that means that if you don't read this list everyday, and your
fills up you get an error message sent back to the list for each message
times the
number of AOL subscribers means a lot of messages.  Most providers don't
have this
limit.  Although a limit is there on all providers even if it's just how
disk space can be removed before the mail spooler fills up.  2 solutions
come to

1: Get AOL to remove the 100 message limit on you mailbox.

2: Have AOL run a redirector/remailer on the list.  I did this at a 
former company when there were a couple of us subscribed to the list.  
I set up an list acount that turned around and forwarded all the mail
to the readers, thus only one copy was coming into the site.  AOL could
do this and the benifits would be twofold, 1 it would reduce the
used as there would only be a single message sent to AOL for each
message, 2
there would be a single point of errors.

I'm not sure what it would take to get AOL to do this, but if enough AOL
members threatened to leave AOL because of this they might do something.

Best of luck

Gary Burrell 
Design Engineer
Pentek Inc. One Park Way, Upper Saddle River NJ 07463
Phone: (201)818-5900  Fax: (201)818-5941

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