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TD windscreen rail

To: Steve Tritle <>
Subject: TD windscreen rail
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 06:54:34 -0800
Steve Tritle wrote:
> Can I remove only the bottom portion of the screen and reverse it or do
> I have to take off the entire screen?

Steve, better take it off: there are two little 80 degree angle folded
pieces of steel in the lower corners. Two small screws go in from the
side, two from the bottom. You have to at least loosen the ones from the
side to do a decent job (and to "wiggle" things to restart the threads
on reasssembly) In order to get to the side ones you have to remove the
two side supports (the ones with the 2 studs)

Loosen (or remove) one of the "hammer" support brackets and you can slip
the whole frame right out in five minutes, put a blanket on the table
and you can do the whole job in under an hour. BTW, go to a local glass
place and get a length of glass tape (rubberized linen) just in case you
need some - it's usually better just to put it in fresh, even when
nearly new      Jarl de Boer

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