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Re: Do ALL TD's leak oil?

To: Roger Wilt <>
Subject: Re: Do ALL TD's leak oil?
From: Geoff Love <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:03:21 -0500
Roger Wilt wrote:
> I've got a 1950/51 (we're not sure-there are two titles) TD.
> The engine was recently rebuilt "professionally" by a well respected
> former Jaguar mechanic.  Everytime I stop, I leave a 3 inch puddle of
> oil. His explanation is that all TD's leak from the rear oil main and
> there is nothing he can do. This rebuild cost me over $4000!! Do I have
> grounds to complain???? HELP!!!!!

Yes.  A 3 inch puddle is ridiculous.  A TD will drip and you must expect
the odd drop here and there. However, it is quite obvious that the rear
crankshaft seal/oil slinger is at fault, either by not having been
inspected and replaced if found wanting, or, the seal between the rear
bearing cover and the sump gasket, a crude asbestos rope type, has not
been correctly fitted, or has become dislodged during re-assembly. 
These seals are awkward to fit properly, and time must be devoted to
their correct placement, or you will get what you have, a pourer, not a
The correction is to remove the sump pan, and rework the rear oil
slinger/rope seal gaskets. It may be necessary to fit a new oil slinger,
and mate that by hand lapping to the crankshaft in order to obtain as
oil free a union as possible. There is also a new proprietary rear oil
seal on the market which will work better then the rope type. A word of
caution, however.  Make sure that the fault indeed lies at the rear end,
and the leak is not caused by some other problem such as a leaking oil
transfer pipe to the cylinder head.  This will be obvious by visual
inspection, when the motor is running.
If you have any further queeries, contact me directly. I speciallise in
the restorations of these treasures and, while I don't know everything,
I do know a bit and will be glad to offer you free advice.

Geoff Love, The English Connection.

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