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Re: T-type oil seals

To: Bill Harkins <>
Subject: Re: T-type oil seals
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 21:50:50 -0800
Bill Harkins wrote:
> I was interested in your reponse on the mgs list re the TD oil leak. Are
> you still rebuilding MG engines? Do you have experience with the Al Moss
> rear oil seal fix that he markets? I have heard that they sometimes work
> and sometimes don't. I will be restoring a TC in 97 and want to get the
> engine right and TIGHT. I have heard many ecperts on the subject of both
> front and rear oil seals on the TC and they are all slightly different.
> Also do you have any suggestions on increasing performance of the XPAG
> engine for street (or rather freeway) use? Any comments you have greatly
> apreciated.

I pretty much "retired" before Al's seal kit came along, but I've put in
two of them so far and they've worked fine. The process is not quite as
easy and straightforward as he (or I) first hoped, but it's a great idea
and help nonetheless! You might consider that everyone who has installed
and/or does install one is "beta testing" a mechanical process that
tries to circumvent the flaws of 50 year old engineering. There is so
much variation between engines, that each installation is different. For
instance, on the first one, the main bearing cap was so thick I had to
mill off .105" to make things fit - .010 at a time! Off the mill, try
it, on the mill... bummer! It finally fit beautifully, but all that
extra cast iron was waaayyy too much of a good thing. The little oil
seal that replaces the asbestos rope in the front is a no-brainer,
EVERYONE should use that. It still goes without saying that if you leave
out the front slinger disc, or put it in the wrong way around, you lose
- lots of oil! Go slowly, take lots of care, always replace your rod
bolts both little and big end, and you'll be fine.  I'll talk about
performance another time.      Jarl 

(cc EAMoss)

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