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Re: OH NO! Not a towbar!!

Subject: Re: OH NO! Not a towbar!!
From: paul hammarstedt <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 22:44:28 -0800
Carol wrote:
> I'm curious! Has anyone out there in LBC-land had a tow-bar made for their
> "darlings?"
> <snip>
> If any of you all had one made, can you tell me the specs?
> <snip>

I have a homemade tow bar that was made to tow Willy's and AMC jeeps,
and other "robust american iron".  A freind (crap!... eieioh) and I used
it to tow his MGA.  We chained it to the bumper and the bumper ended up
getting bent.

I think LBC bumpers are too delicate to be used as towing attachment
points.  A bar made to attach to the frame or suspension may be
feasible, but the front wheel dolly is hard to beat (U-haul rents
them).  I towed a 71 B from Minneapolis to Chicago area at +/- 80 MPH
behind a V-6 Astro van with no trouble at all and without LBC damage.


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